They say mothers know best. Especially when it comes to finding the best baby products for their little bundles of joy. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t do a bit of research along the way. If you’re a mom searching for the best baby wipes with safe ingredients for your child, read on. We’ve rounded up some of the best wipes on the web to make your life as a busy mama a little easier. However, if you’re pregnant with your first child, here’s some more information on why baby wipes are so crucial to ensure your child’s comfort. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to baby wipes, have a look at our homemade wipes or biodegradable alternatives.

What to Consider When Purchasing Baby Wipes

How Many Babies Are In Your Household? 

How many babies are currently living under your roof? If you have a few babies under three, make sure to buy your wipes in bulk to save you time and money. Also, consider the construction of the wipe. If you want to use your wipes for cleaning up messes and spills on their clothes and faces, make sure to go with a sturdier wipe. 

Does Your Baby Have Sensitive Skin? 

Diaper rash can really put a damper on your baby’s day — it’s so uncomfortable for them, and it hurts seeing your baby in pain. We’ve all been there. When changing your baby, make sure you avoid using products that contain harsh dyes, alcohols, or fragrances, parabens, phthalates, lanolin, phenols, SLS, and chlorine. These ingredients typically irritate the baby’s skin. The same goes for any balms or lotions. Steer clear of anything scented and perfumed if you notice these signs on the inner thighs and groin area. 

  •  Raised bumps called pustules 
  •  Redness 
  •  Flakey skin 
  •  Scaliness 
  •  Swelling 

Does buying cruelty-free matter to you? 

Some moms out there would rather support a cruelty-free company over one that tests its products on animals. If you fall under this category, make sure your baby wipe brand of choice agrees with your ethics when shopping. Luckily, there are some great options located throughout this roundup. 

 How To Keep Baby Wipes Moist 

The last thing you want is to drag a dry wipe across your baby’s gentle skin. Make sure your wipes are always moist and fresh by sealing your pack every time you’re done using one. Also, leave the pack pull tab side up, so that the solution in the cloths soaks down to the bottom. This way, you can pull a fresh and moist wipe every time. 

 Why Can’t I Flush My Wipes? 

Baby wipes are not flushable even if the packaging says that they are. Baby wipes can clog drains and pipes and cost hundreds of dollars for plumbers to come and remove the clog- speaking from personal experience. Always remember to dispose of your wipes properly. 


What Are Some Advantages Of Using Baby Wipes? 

Use your gentle wipes when changing the baby’s diaper — but also feel free to use them if they get food or dirt all over their faces. If your wipe is gentle enough to use on that tush, it’s perfectly fine to use on their sweet faces too! Baby wipes are also multi-functional for everyone else in the family. They can remove your makeup in a pinch. You can also use one to clean off any dirty paws if you also have pets. 

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Free & Clear Unscented and Sensitive 

If you need baby wipes in bulk, Seventh Generation has you covered. You can order a 504 count or 768 for a reasonable price point. These wipes are also free from major irritants such as fragrance, alcohol, parabens, and phenoxyethanol. They are thick and plushy right out of the package, so one swipe is all it takes for your baby to feel clean and comfy. 

They also don’t dry out too quickly, so you’ll feel like you’re pulling a fresh wipe whenever you set your baby down for a diaper change. Like the Huggies brand, I love that these are as easy to find nearly anywhere. 

When travelling, I always reach for these for my youngest. Aside from being sold online, they’re also available at most drugstores and grocery stores. 


  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
  •  Cruelty-free 
  •  Quilted pattern provides some traction 
  •  Easy to find   


  • Wipes may stick together when initially pulled from packaging 

WaterWipes Unscented Baby Wipes, Sensitive and Newborn Skin 

For those moms who love their babies and animals, the WaterWipe Unscented Wipe is sensitive enough for even premature babies. They are cruelty-free and even have a stamp of approval from the Vegan Society. There are absolutely no traces of animal products in the product. Best of all, it’s one of the wettest wipes on the market, so you never have to worry about dragging a harsh and dry-wipe across your child’s skin. I love this for cleaning hands, faces, and those little baby bums. 

These are also optimal for any mom bringing home their premature or newborn baby. There is a very limited ingredient list that is bound to impress any mother. 


  • Smaller packs are great for on the go 
  •  Vegan society accredited and cruelty- free 
  • Made with 99% water and a drop of grapefruit extract 
  •  Gentle enough for premature and newborn skin 
  •  Great for baby eczema 
  •  Packaging is portable 
  •  Incredibly moist and glides on skin       


  • Higher price point     

HUGGIES Natural Care Baby Wipes 

Huggies is a household name, and they’ve also been in the baby game for years, so you know you can trust their products to deliver. Especially these natural wipes from their Natural Care line. Some perks of these wipes include that they’re suitable for newborns and toddlers. They are also pH balanced, hypoallergenic, contain no harsh chemicals, and are fragrance-free. You get 48 wipes per pack with this product, which is reasonable, especially since the Huggies Natural Cares Wipes are affordable and easily accessible. 

This is an excellent pick for a mom who believes in the power of natural products — but doesn’t want to break the bank either. There is one con, however. They could be a little sturdier. We found that they ripped rather easily in our household. But bottom line, they are safe, gentle, and effective. 


  • One hand dispensing 
  • Triple filtered for purity 
  • Made of 99% of water 
  • You can buy them in bulk 


  • Wipes rip easily 

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, Unscented 

If you choose not to purchase in bulk, the Amazon Elements Baby Wipes are an excellent choice when buying a single pack. You can order three different options. Choose between an Unscented wipe, Fresh Scent, or select a wipe meant for sensitive skin. 

A huge plus about this wipe is that its raw supplier information is online for all to see. If you’ve ever wondered what ingredients are going into your baby’s wipe, and where they came from, you don’t have to wonder with this option. 

However, the only con is that the unscented wipes from this line still have a slight scent to them. If your baby is sensitive to fragrance, this may be a deal-breaker. 

But aside from that, I love that you have three different options and that the manufacturer is so transparent, which is so important to me as a mom. 


  • Three different options 
  • Raw supplier information is readily available online 
  • Recyclable packaging 
  • Contains soothing aloe     


  • Unscented version may still have a scent   

Pampers Sensitive Water Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented 

Select a 504, 576, or 864 count of the Pampers Sensitive Wipes for the most sensitive skin. These wipes are also free from alcohol and harsh dyes. It’s an affordable wipe, but the dispensing system is not my favorite. These wipes also tend to dry up rather quickly. If you do choose to purchase these — you get a great deal after all — make sure to keep them in a cool and dry place, so they last as long as possible. 


  • Affordable 
  •  Accessible     


  • Inconvenient packaging   

Using The Best Baby Wipes 

Moms should take pride in the products they choose for their baby. But with so many out on the marketplace, it can feel overwhelming trying to narrow it down. Picking the best baby wipe is no different. If your baby has a sensitive bum, you want to pick the best wipe the first time. 

That’s why we have done the guesswork for you. We highly recommend going with the Seventh Generation Baby Wipes for sensitive skin. It’s our top-rated choice because it manages to impress moms and leave babies feeling clean and comfy, regardless of what kind of mess you’re cleaning up. The price point is decent, and you can order in bulk. 

Overall, we can see moms falling in love with this baby wipe and using it for their current baby and any more children in the future.

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