Should I Switch To Glass Baby Bottles

We want to be the best mothers possible for our children. However, we often forget that we have to be kind to Mother Earth along the way. Being an earth-conscious mom doesn’t have to be too much of a struggle. After all, juggling being a mom is already a full-time job, so why add more to your plate? When it comes to choosing bottles, the decision doesn’t have to be a painstakingly difficult one. I personally prefer glass bottles for my babies because they are safe, clean, and environmentally sound. If you’re a mom or have a child on the way, continue reading to learn more about my picks for some of the best glass baby bottles. 

 Why Glass? 

You’re probably wondering, why choose this material when there are so many good plastic bottles out on the marketplace? While plastic bottles are cheaper and easy to get your hands on, they leave quite a negative impact on the environment. This plastic alternative material, on the other hand, tends to last longer, so you can use less of it. The material is also easy to clean and sterilize, making it a viable option for years to come. It’s also a recyclable option, making it earth-friendly too. 

 Why Bottle feed? 

Bottle feeding works great for some moms! It allows dad to pick up some of those extra feeding shifts in the middle of the night. It’s also a great option for those moms who don’t feel completely comfortable breastfeeding in public. You can also use them for breastmilk and formula, depending on what you have your child on. 

 What Should I Look For? 

This product can vary slightly. Make sure you’re looking at price and size. For example, if you have already bought a baby-bottle steamer, you want to ensure that your baby’s bottles will fit. If you’re bringing home a newborn, opt for a small 5 oz bottle. Purchase a larger one — a 9 oz bottle — and once they’ve reached toddler age, you should look into the product’s bottle-nipple. They will vary based on your child’s age. For example, newborns will require a stage 1. From three to six months, they’ll need a stage 2 bottle-nipple. Finally, venture into stage 3 if they are over six months of age. 

 How to Feed Your Child 

If you’re a new mom, make sure to warm the milk up if your child has displayed some hunger cues. They will lick their lips or tilt their head to the side. And although crying isn’t always a hunger cue, sometimes it can be a good indication. Don’t worry about not getting this down straight away. The more time you spend with your little one, the more likely you’ll be able to decipher their cries. 

If they are hungry, take them somewhere comfortable. Cradle your baby in a semi-upright position and keep their head above their tummy. You don’t want them lying down as this isn’t comfortable for either mom or the infant. If you don’t want a gassy child, make sure the bottle is tilted to where the formula fills the base of the nipple. Then, make a note of how much your kid has eaten, in case your pediatrician asks about her eating patterns at your next checkup. 

Also, keep in mind, a newborn will typically require around eight feedings a day to keep them full and happy. 

LifeFactory BPA-Free Bottles With Protective Silicone Sleeve 

Easy to grip, and clean, the LifeFactory Bottles are fantastic for both mother and child. These are made from borosilicate, which means they are resistant to sudden changes in temperature. You can take them from the freezer and submerge them into boiling water without worrying about them cracking. The silicon sleeve comes in fun colors ranging from banana yellow to a gorgeous mint shade. All in all, there are about fourteen different colors to choose from. The sleeve will also protect your adventurous little toddler’s hands from the heat and freezing cold while they feed. These bottles come in a four and nine oz option. 


  • Sleeve keeps your baby’s hands safe from the heat 
  • Compatible with most breast pumps 
  • Made from thermal shock resistant borosilicate 


  • Limited color range in the nine oz size

Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Baby-Bottle 

Dr. Brown’s is a trusted brand for moms and is worth trying at least once when searching for the perfect way to feed your child. Their baby-bottles are typically everyone’s go-to. This one was engineered with the breastfeeding mom in mind. The shape of the nipple was constructed to work and feel like a breast so that your child will know what to expect even if they are unfamiliar with bottle feeding. This product comes in a five oz pack and a nine oz pack. Most notably, I love the anti-gas feature on these bottles. The vent system works like a dream and is one of my personal favorite ways to feed a newborn on the go. 


  • Anti-colic vent system 
  •  Simulates a breast shape for familiarity and comfort 
  •  Natural nipple created for constant flow


  • You may experience some leakage 

Comotomo Green or Pink Bottles 

These bottles are incredibly baby-friendly due to their squishy design. You also don’t have to worry about your little one dropping it on their precious face! This product is made from durable silicone. It’s another great alternative to plastic. Best of all, this option has a variable flow nipple that adjusts to your child’s feeding speed. You won’t have to spend money on many different nipples for your child’s bottles when this one works perfectly. 

Choose from either green or pink, depending on your child’s fun personality. 

Lastly, these are available in either a five oz two-pack or an eight oz two-pack. 


  • Helps correct nipple confusion thanks to its smart design 
  • Vented yet easy to clean 
  • Made from silicone for a soft and squishy grip 
  • Free from BPA , PVC, and phthalate 
  • ‘Y’ cut design on nipple for variable feed


  • May experience some leakage

NUK Simply Natural Bottles 

The NUK Bottles sport a sleek and minimalistic design. These are an affordable option for mothers who want to try these types of bottles for their child. You can get a three pack for an affordable price and test whether or not this material is for you. The nipple on this option is wonderful for breastfed babies. However, I did notice a bit of leaking when using this to feed my third child. However, NUK recently reinvented their bottles so their new design may have solved any original issues. 


  • Helps reduce colic 
  • Thermal shock resistant 
  • Includes a nipple with three feeding holes 
  • Wide neck


  • May not be as long lasting as other models

Evenflo Feeding Classic 

The Evenflow is one of the most convenient bottles on the marketplace. It’s comfortable to hold, and even fits most breast pump necks, making this a suitable option for moms pumping their breast milk for their babies. But the measurement markers also make this a great choice for moms mixing formula. You will have to buy fast feed nipples separately though. These tend to come with the slow flow only. You can purchase two sizes from Evenflow. The four oz six pack is ideal for newborns, while the eight oz six pack is best for babies over four months. 


  • Free from BPA, polycarbonate, phthalates 
  • Made from FDA approved food grade materials 
  • Fits most standard neck breast pumps for easy handling 
  • Twist shape makes it ergonomic 
  • Molded-in measurement marks


  • Sold with only the slow flow nipple 
  •  Not vented


Investing in a baby-bottle made from this sustainable and reusable material is the way to go. It’s also an excellent choice for any mothers who want their child to grow up on a more eco-friendly planet. While these are all great options, the top pick and my personal favorite is the LifeFactory Bottles with Silicone Sleeves. I love the benefits of glass-bottles but often worry about my baby’s hands feeling uncomfortable during a feeding. But this product gives me the best of both worlds — my baby’s comfort and my peace of mind. They are also relatively affordable and come in small sizes for newborns and larger sizes for older children. Lastly, their strength and durability will ensure that they last me years, even with everyday use. 

No matter what your personal top pick is, you’ll be happy you made the switch — for both the health of your child and the planet’s well being.

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